a work in progress

April 29, 2008

Welcome to the blog. I’m sorry it’s still a little messy here. I haven’t really decided what I want it to look like, nor have I 100% committed to using blogger as my app, but for the time being, here we are.

I was reading a great post today about Breaking Down Big Dreams Into Little Steps. It’s kind of like goal setting, which I find very challenging. I like many of the points made, such as about practicing. While my goal isn’t to be a great writer, I would like to make this a regular spot for myself. Toward that end, I’ve decided that I will commit to posting here 5 times a week. We’ll see if I can do that before I decide to make a goal about how much I write.

Why am I making a new blog? I already have a blog on livejournal. I’m going to keep that blog, in part so that I can keep up with my friends there. I will also write about more personal stuff there. This new blog, here, is a place for stuff I’d like to share with the world in general. This also gives me an opportunity to write in a different style, and to start all shiny and new.

I have a lot of things I am interested in. I read far to many blogs about far to many topics. And I spread myself a little thin trying to keep up with all of my interests.

I feel like the blog needs a purpose statement. I want it to be a place where I organize myself and record my findings and achievements in the many topics that interest me. I want to learn to make goals and achieve them.

So what are these many interests I mention? Here’s the first pass at a list:
blogs, cats, camping, climbing, cooking, costumes, crafts, crochet, D.I.Y., dancing, decor, dressage, entertaining, eventing, fashion, finances, fitness, food, fox hunting, friends, goals, health, home, horses, jumping, knitting, people, photography, products, RSS, re-fashion, reading, self-education, sewing, tarot, technology, theatre, yoga.

By levanah