I survived my birthday.

May 12, 2008

I have survived thirty-three trips around the sun. More importantly I have survived the date on which we celebrate this event. I have an aversion to my birthday. I think this stems from the fact that my sister’s birthday is May 1, mine is May 11, and then there’s Mother’s Day. My family always tried to combine the events into something “big and nice,” which somehow I equate with “bad memories.”

So far my 30’s have been more pleasant than my 20’s. Anything would be better than my teens. I have good friends, a stable life, I get to do the things I enjoy, and I don’t have to deal with family drama (much). I have a fabulous fiance who thinks I’m lovely. And he got me a Garmin Forerunner 405! I think this means I have to work out more, but I’m going to spend the day pretending the watch will whittle away my fat all on it’s own, no effort required.

My sister came to visit for my birthday. She was actually supposed to be here for my bridalrette party, but we are re-scheduling that for after the wedding. (This is what happens when you give busy people very short notice.) We mostly went shopping. Natalie was impressed that Rob could out-shop us. We went to IKEA and got a bunch of glass jars. I need to take pictures of our gorgeous pantry! We put most of the pantry items in lovely glass jars. Someday we’ll have an open shelf on which to display them all. Until then, they look beautiful where they are, and I don’t have to worry about the coriander mixing with the chili pepper.

I made cupcakes with the Perfecting the Cupcake recipes over at FoodandWine.com. I made 3 batches of the golden cupcakes, which is my favorite type of cupcake. I made the bittersweet chocolate butter cream frosting to top it with. I don’t eat high-fructose corn syrup, so I substituted honey for the tablespoon of corn syrup. They were delicious, and I’ve had two for breakfast already today. I tried to make the chocolate cupcakes, but I didn’t incorporate the egg sufficiently, and so they turned into a crumbly disaster. Which is a bumber because used all organic and fresh ingredients. And ghiradelli chocolate. I was also going to make marshmallow frosting, but there weasn’t anything to put it on. Next time. I took some pictures, but it was night and so there was flash involved. Accordign to the foodie blogs I read, food looks awful with flash photography.

We went to Sunday Night Dinner where Gern made me lobster tail and filet mignon wrapped in bacon. I ate it all, even after all of the raw dough I had consumed over the course of the day. Gern also made me a usb-remote to use with the Canon camera CHDK. The remote will allow me to take photos with a click of the button. I’ll post some pictures of the device when I get off the couch here. I’m excited about the little device because the instructions to make it are in Russian. If I can make it work on my camera, I can contribute to the wiki. I have to get my ass off the couch for that, too.

Maybe I should stop playing with the internet and work on getting off the couch…

By levanah