I’ve found my mojo.

May 16, 2008

I was surfing the blogs this morning, and I came across this article on Lifehacker about Mojo music-sharing software. I had read about it previously on lifehacker, but today they had a stable windoze release, and I had time to play with it. All of our music has been combined on my windoze desktop (okay, I deleted Evita. Who listens to Evita?), and most of the meta-data has been cleaned up. I spend most of my time these days on the couch with Rob’s mac, but I use the TiVo to listen to music off the windoze machine. Rob had wanted to be able to pick and chose music from my larger and more complete collection to put on SD cards for the Audi, and to synch to his iPhone. This software allows us to do just that.

I hadn’t used a mac in about a decade, but after getting over not wanting to bother learning to do things differently (change is hard), I’m fairly proficient with it. I did have to figure out how to share the itunes library on the mac between the two users (Rob and me). That went pretty smoothly. Installation of Mojo was simple and quick. And it works! I’ve already transfered the three new albums I purchased from amazon.com mp3. Rob considers it personal growth that I didn’t pirate the music off bittorrent, I’m still evaluating my motives and response. It was scary-easy to buy three albums.

If you want to spread the mojo, my username is levanah.

By levanah