The wedding photos!

June 2, 2008

Wedding Album

Did I tell you about the time we almost didn’t get married? I wish I could tell you when that story begins, but somehow I changed the time of our wedding appointment from 12 noon to 1 pm. The funny part is that we were in line to check in at about noon, but because we didn’t need to check in until 5 minutes before our appointment, we ran off and took pictures instead.

As a non-traditional bride, I had no problems with Rob seeing me in my dress beforehand. In fact, he sort of helped me pick it out. In the end, we ordered eleven of the Sophia dresses from (we only actually kept 4). Everyone is wearing the same dress, only mine is long and ivory. The ladies got to pick their own colors; Erin in Black, Zoe in Navy, Jess in Burgundy, and Natalie in Brown. I think each dress color suited the wearer wonderfully, and Rob really liked it, too (Rob was a strong proponent for everyone having their own color). After our Minnesota reception, I’m going to have the dress hemmed to a shorter length and wear it out.

Rob’s ring did not arrive in time, so we used a thumb ring I had that happened to fit him. I didn’t think it was a big deal for him to have a ring, but I’m glad we had a stand-in. The fabulously crafty Erin made me a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers that went perfectly with the event!

Brian and Amy took pictures for us. Brain also happens to be the Maid of Honor’s Fiance, and we asked them to drive us up so we could get a little tipsy at lunch. Thus Brian was able to get many “preparation” shots. All of the photos linked to in this post were taken by Brian with his super-light and responisve canon (whihc he let me play with briefly at the reception). Amy is a long-time friend of Rob’s and a former professional wedding photographer. We were fortunate enough that she offered to take pictures for us! We haven’t yet seen her set of pictures, nor Brian’s set of pictures from the reception. I’ll post them when they are ready.

When we finally checked in and found out we were an hour late, I resigned myself to waiting. They were certain to get us married “today” but in time for the reception? perhaps not. We were number 222. As you can see in the pictures, from number 92 we had quite a wait. The commissioner took pity on us, and asked her cohort, whom I guess hadn’t done weddings in a while, to come out of retirement and save us. He came bursting out of his office and we were off like horses on a racetrack! Up the stairs, to the coveted rotunda we swarmed.

I believe he started us out with the abbreviated “prison yard” wedding. At least that’s what he said. I had thought it was silly to have an audio recording done of the vows, but now I can’t wait to hear them. We were laughing the whole time. My father commented on this and I pointed out that while I take the event seriously, serious doesn’t have to be solemn. The laughter relieved the tension from waiting, and enhanced the playful and joyful air around our vows.

And then we were married!

At the reception after a few glasses of wine, I mentioned to Andrea that I like collecting people. They are like individual bright sparkly lights, and I love to be surrounded by my collection of people. It was wonderful to see everyone dressed up and smiling. I’d have to say, for me, that was the best part!

By levanah