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June 3, 2008

In the excitement and stress of preparing for my wedding, I’ve neglected to blog about some other items I’d wanted to post about. It all starts back on April 24th…

Caroline or Change, April 24th Theatreworks. I think this might have been the second musical I’ve ever seen (Annie on TV doesn’t count, even if it was 6000 billion times). They had a fantastic Aria (got that vocabulary word from that there program), enthusiastic actors with great voices, and cool sets. But I found the disparate musical elements overwhelming; The moon singing an aria, folk songs, radio singers (loved the ladies in red!), and a singing washer and dryer. I also found the two ladies catching up after the intermission several minutes after the lights had gone down and the singing had started very annoying. I had to look back at them twice before they shut up.

Mama Mia, April 27th at the American Musical Theater of San Jose. We attended this event with Chris and Amber. I hadn’t been super-enthusiastic about seeing the musical, not being a huge fan of musicals, nor ABBA (yes, I just said I wasn’t a huge ABBA fan). Maybe it was the 30 foot stack of speakers, or the vibrant crowd, but I loved it! I was singing ABBA songs for at least a week afterward! It was funny, well acted, and had a very cool set.

Iron Man. Rob dragged me to the movies. I have trouble committing to sitting for the duration of a movie. Once I get there, I’m fine, but the idea is rarely appealing to me. I really really liked this movie! It wasn’t very deep or meaningful, but it was a ton of fun. Robert Downey Jr. was perfectly cast as a playboy.

And then we did the Indiana Jones trilogy. The new Indiana Jones movie opened on our wedding night. Rather than torture ourselves with long lines and crowded theaters, we went to borders, purchased the trilogy, and watched it. So we didn’t see The Crystal Skull until about a week later.

Raiders of the Lost Ark. The first movie was just as fun as I recalled. Filled with action and suspense, a hottie Harrison Ford, how can you go wrong? I think I’ve watched Raiders of the Lost Ark in the last decade or so, and I was shocked by how violent and… racist it is. The locals are always idiots and they get killed left and right. I get that it’s entertainment, and also it’s a representation of just how much better white explorers thought they were than the uneducated natives of any area. It’s still shocking.

Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom. This was a stupid excuse of a movie. Seriously. Dumb damsels in distress, people wailing “Indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey” left and right, really bad mine car scenes. Oh, and don’t forget about the random cliff! I guess it was an excuse to make a video game. But really, I’m surprised they made a third one after this one.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Okay, I admit that after the pain of the Temple of Doom, I had a lot of trouble not surfing the web during this one. It had a lot of ridiculous fight scenes in the beginning, but the woman wasn’t a lame excuse for a female, and I don’t think anyone wailed “Indy.” The ending was a little goofy, but it was a much better movie than the previous movie.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I think this movie tied in all of the best elements of the previous movies. I like that it acknowledged Indy was getting a little old. I had trouble with my suspension of disbelief during the vine swinging scenes (to which Rob questioned: and you were okay with him surviving a nuclear bomb!?). I felt like it got a little to much like the X-files, with the aliens and all, but upon reflection, I think it was a good direction to go. I don’t think they’re ever going to be able to top this one, but maybe that was the point?

The Golden Compass. This movie was much better than I expected it to be. We bought the book trilogy and I really tried to read it. For some reason, it didn’t grip me. Rob read the whole thing, and kindly gave me spoilers throughout the movie (I was reading the wikipedia entry for the book during the movie anyway(I like spoilers, it’s one of my flaws)). We rented the movie via Amazon Unboxed on the TiVo. I loved the daemons, and I really liked that Lyra kicked ass during the fight scenes. Okay, she was just a little girl, but she kicked and fought her way free!

Wow, that was a lot of typing and editing. I’ve got to work harder on posting more frequently so I don’t have so many ideas to post at once!

By levanah