what did you do on your honeymoon?

June 3, 2008

One of the most common questions I got when I told people I was getting married was: What are you doing for your honeymoon? I would teasingly say that we were going to go house shopping (I’d say that qualifies as one of Rob’s hobbies). We had planned on going to Spain in Fall 2009, with trips to Minnesota (twice), Seattle, and Vegas planned for this year. I had also joked that perhaps a house purchase would get in the way of that far-off scheduled trip to Europe. The average wedding cost is the US is $28,000. Yeah, twenty-eight thousand dollars. When explaining my choice for an inexpensive wedding, I’d point out that amount is healthy down payment on a house in much of the US (it’s closing costs here, but you get my point).

Well, Saturday after the wedding rolled around, and we were having breakfast at Bobbis Diner in Saratoga. We have brunch there nearly every Sunday, but it’s extra-special to go on Saturdays for two reasons: I usually work on Saturdays, and they don’t serve french fries on Sunday. Rob likes to read the paper and find homes for us to go look at. After playing with Whisper, we drove off to look at the Encanto community in San Jose, just next to Santa Clara University.

And there we found the house we are buying.

It’s on the wrong side of the freeway from the Rose Garden and Naglee Park. It’s also on the wrong side of El Camino to be in Santa Clara, but we actually like San Jose. It’s new construction, a single family home in a high-density community. The HOA is cheap, and we have a pool (but no hot tub).

We’ve already picked the flooring, paint, and other add-ons. Move-in date looks like early August, which is great because our lease expires early July.

We have a HOUSE!

By levanah