Community Supported Agriculture

June 5, 2008

I’ve long wanted to be a part of a CSA farm. This desire probably dates back to when Grandma had a farm. We had fresh milk, eggs, and amazing strawberries. For years I couldn’t eat green beans because I’d buy them frozen and they weren’t anything like Gma’s. Canned were just gross. A decade or so after she’d moved from that property to another, I figured out that I was looking for fresh or fresh-frozen green beans. Eventually I did learn to feed myself…

It’s cool to be part of a CSA. Locally grown, organic, and [I hope] sustainable. All of the best buzzwords right now. It’s also a lot of vegetables, which are good for you, filled with vitamins, and low-fat. And all of the cool people are doing it, right?

The CSA I found the most attractive (I admit, it wasn’t a very scientific selection process) was Live Earth Farm. When I contacted them a few months ago, they didn’t have any openings this year. A few weeks ago that changed. They emailed me to let me know they had family shares available. I had a feeling that I imagine is similar to the feeling parents get when their child gets into the preschool of their choice. Pride and glee. And then I had some trepidation: what was I going to do with all of that food?

We get in on a family share, then when a single share opens up, we can downgrade. Until then I’ll be making veggie dishes for a few group dinners.

By levanah