June 10, 2008

This past weekend, we went to Minnesota. I want to write a brilliant essay about it, but knowing I want to write something exceptional is making it hard to write anything at all. How about a summary so I don’t avoid it altogether?

Rob’s brother, his lovely wife, and their daughter were kind enough to host our second reception their lovely home in Minneapolis. This is only the second time I’ve been there, and they really make me feel like part the family. I took very few photos while I was there. I was reviewing the photos last night, and I was dismayed to realize we hadn’t taken any with our hosts. Perhaps we can get some pictures together at Thanksgiving.

Rob’s mother (with us here in the picture) made the snacks, among which were two fruit salads (I adore fruit salads). I think we might have a lot in common in the way of food and cooking. Her husband and I talked a bit, but I’m afraid I may have babbled a bit after the champagne. I talk a lot to begin with, nerves + alcohol = one chatterbox.

Speaking of champagne, Rob was fantastic! I had a moment or two were I was hot and sweaty and had been battling with my dress alone for to long where I was a bit snappy. He was very patient (though he was hot and stressed-out, too). And he wore his suit, without complaining, for hours!

Rob’s good friend Abbie, who is a florist, made our corsages and a gorgeous flower arrangement. None of the pictures I took do the arrangement any justice. We played Apples to Apples, Boxer’s or Briefs? and Frank’s Zoo late into the night with Steve, Abbie and Rob’s family (okay, I retired to the couch for Frank’s Zoo, but they played on). We need to host a game night here.

One of the big reasons we chose to go back to MN was so that Rob’s aunt, who has MS, would be able to celebrate with us. We happened to be there to celebrate her 75th birthday! She looked great, and it was very nice to meet her large and happy family. The cousins and nieces and nephews were all very friendly and happy people. Everyone was delighted to see Rob in a suit. I guess he hasn’t been in a suit since his brother got married, which was quite a while ago. There were people there that Rob hadn’t seen in 18 years!

The weather report said there’d be storms. It was hot and muggy, and it did sprinkle a bit while we were there, but the weather cooperated brilliantly for the reception. When we were there for Thanksgiving last year, it was about 17 degrees out. This visit I kept walking out of buildings expecting to freeze my bottom off, only to find myself sweating. All of that moisture sure does make for some fantastic, lush, green scenery. Minnesota looks like a big green park to me.

My report does little justice to the trip, but it’s better to write something than to not write anything at all. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to visiting again. Though next time we’re going to Cupcake and Hell’s Kitchen.

Also note: I’ve wore the wedding dress twice now.

By levanah