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June 20, 2008

It’s been an exciting month here in levanahland, but there’s more! I’ll give you a hint:

When I got engaged, someone commented that I would regret not having got a diamond engagement ring. Let’s just say: this is far better than diamonds.

On Thursday, June 12th at 3pm I had LASIK performed on both eyes at the Stanford Eye Center. The LASIK Wikipedia entry explains the procedure better than I could, but I’ll give my rendition anyway.

I went in for my evaluation before we went to MN. I didn’t want to schedule anything before I flew back east, in case I had problems. I had high degree of astigmatism, which means my lens was wavy and my vision was like seeing through a carnival funhouse mirror. The Doctor said that just a two or three years ago, I would not have been a candidate for the surgery because of my strong astigmatism. Luckily for me, technology has advanced. I think I have “wavefront” to thank.

On the day of the surgery they explained my after care and gave me a Valium. I can’t imagine how I would have survived without the Valium. The laser flap cutting is quite nerve wracking. It’s the first part of the procedure so you aren’t sure what to expect, and the Valium hasn’t quite kicked in yet. I was fine until I lost vision for a few moments, but they explained that was normal, and I dealt with it. I walked from the room with the flap laser to the remodeling laser room. I could see, but everything was quite fuzzy. The remodeling laser wasn’t a big deal at all, and this part seemed to go quite quickly. I did wind up talking a lot, and I was pretty freaked out and worried about it the whole time, but I didn’t feel a thing. In retrospect, a gyno visit is far more unpleasant.

I was sent home with antibiotics and a fun clear “superhero” eye mask. We picked up our CSA produce, came home and cooked together. I slept with ambien and drove myself to my follow-up appointment the next morning. I couldn’t recall if I was supposed to still be wearing the mask, and decided I could handle being embarrassed in order to be correct, so I wore the mask. The tech told me to take it off and that I looked like a science experiment; to which I replied “I am!”

It’s been a week now, which means I can wear makeup and swim. I do have the halos around lights (sort of like seeing headlights while driving in fog) and starbursts, but even with that, my vision in my right eye is 20/20 and my left is 20/15 (better than 20/20). Previous to this procedure, my left eye was far worse than my right.

To answer the question “Why didn’t you have it done before the wedding?” I was unable to be added to Rob’s insurance policy until we’d either been living together for a year, or we got married. We got married, and we used the flexible spending account. It was worth waiting for.

By levanah