a pain in the… sinuses.

June 27, 2008

click for NASA’s larger image.

I believe it was Sunday when Rob and I walked out of the house, and I said “fire.” Rob seemed to be unable to smell it. Monday rolled around, and it was like driving through a warm, stinky, dirty fog. Visibility was very low. I was eventually inspired to check the news and discovered that there were, in fact, 850 fires raging in California.

The picture at right links to a NASA image from space of the path the smoke is taking. We’re a big smoke magnet.

I’m not certain if I have allergies, but smoke makes me feel like removing my eyeball with an ice-pick. I’ve had a headache all week. My sinus headaches always turn into muscle-tension headaches which trigger nausea, smell and light sensitivity, and general misery. And I’m not allowed to rub my eyes. Smoky, itchy eyes.

This is my excuse for not having started the ordeal of packing the house to move. Well, that and a superstition that is keeping me from making any big effort until the loan is finalized, until it’s all real.

It also doesn’t help that they’re doing construction work on this apartment all day long. The noise starts around 8:30, and goes until 5. It’s some sort of repair that they didn’t tell us about until after we’d moved in. It took them 11 months to get over to our section, and we did get $500 off our rent for the month. But they other day it took me 10 minutes to get from the garage to my front door. I came up the elevator, had to go back down three floors and come up the stairs, which were blocked by guys cutting stuff. shesh. The cats find the noise irritating, too.

I guess I shouldn’t whine. I’ll have a lovely new set of things to whine about in a few weeks, right?

By levanah