goals and getting things done

June 27, 2008

rehash of post: http://levanah.livejournal.com/168107.html

I’ve been sucked into the cult of Getting Things Done. [info]doublejack introduced me to the book, and the websites 43folders and Lifehacker, and now I’m hooked.

I’ve only read the first 3 chapters, and I already feel better. The book professes to address the exact problems I’ve had with organization systems, and it’s solutions are similar to the ones I’ve tried to implement. I can see this system helping me to make actual goals, something i have not actually been able to get my brain around, and even how to take notes from books! I think because the solution is similar to what I’ve kludged together on my own, it means I won’t have as much trouble adapting. It will just help me finish the process. I seem to collect, organize, and even review, but I think I was missing the entire processing part. I really feel like I’ve found religion.

But I think the part that has me most entranced are these tools: D*I*Y Planner the hipster pda and pocketmod.

I’m a paper girl. I’ve owned 3 palm pilots, and I mostly use them for games. 3D pen and paper are what make the world spin for me. I love the Levenger Circa system, and had thought about making my own planner templates using it or perhaps making my own templates in pdf format to print at cafepress. Now I don’t have to.

I feel more productive already!

By levanah