July 1, 2008

This week’s diversions have included both Sense and Sensibility and Bridget Jones’s Diary. I really liked Pride and Prejudice a lot more than Sense and Sensibility.  I suppose they did have 300 minutes to make Pride and Prejudice more subtle and interesting.  But length can ruin a movie. I seriously contemplated suicide while trying to watch all 178 min of The Postman in a theater. It was horrible, but maybe it was just whatshisname who both directed and starred in it. ANYway…. 

Speaking of suicide, how do you people enjoy movies like Bridget Jones?  I guess in retrospect, it was good.  But omg, I almost died a of embarrassment a million times.  I think Hugh Grant is much more in character as a bad boy (as compared to his character in Sense and Sensibility) and Colin Firth is quite handsome (it is very funny that he plays Mr. Darcey, again). Somehow I didn’t realize Firth was in Shakespeare in Love as the rather doughy-looking Lord Wessex. Why don’t I own that movie?

By levanah