Escaping the heat.

July 8, 2008

Moss Beach July 7, 2008
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On Monday Bonnie and I took the horses to San Mateo State Beach in Half Moon Bay for a trail ride. When I left the house at 7:45 am, Rob commented that I was “hard core” when it comes to trail rides because it’s about the only time I get up before 9 am. Rob is usually much more incoherent than even I am before 9 am. He stayed home and cleaned the house up before the mover came to give us an estimate. All before heading to work!

The last time I was at this beach was 10 years ago, when I didn’t have my own horse. A coworker named Pascal rented horses for us and we rode on the beach, which is an interesting story in itself. I recall wishing I was riding my own horse. wish fulfilled!

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We arrived at the beach (Hwy 92 to Hwy 1 south, right on Poplar Ave) and rode along the cliffs to acclimate the horses to the sound of the surf. As far as I know, this was Whisper’s first trip to the beach. He was so good that Bonnie was speculating that he’d been to the beach before. I think he was just being the great guy that he is.

After a short trip along the bluff, we headed down to the water. We went south on the beach as far as we could go, staying on the wet parts to avoid Snowy Plover habitat (that’s a Junkmail Man reference).

The first time the waves came up to the horses, they were a little spooked. Raleigh had turned himself upward toward the beach as the first wave swept past him, and when the wave started going back out to sea, he nearly took a few steps backward toward the sea to avoid the foam. Whisper had his quarter horse bottom tucked up underneath him ready to launch toward the beach, but he mostly just danced aroudna bit. While we were walking along, we had to keep the boys single-file so they wouldn’t shy into eachother, but after a few minutes, they’d mostly resigned themselves to waves sneaking up on them, brushing their legs, then sucking back to sea. The surf was pretty rough, and the waves came from many angles. Having the waves come from all over was probably a blessing, as the horses really seemed to dislike the ones that came from the front.

I was looking at the ground for a few moments and had the dizzying sensation of vertigo as the water made the earth appear to be slipping out from under us as we walked along. I kept telling Whisper to “look at the beach, not the ground.” Or maybe I was telling myself that. I’m sure it was very confusing for the poor guys to have the ground seemingly swirl about their legs.

When we turned around to head back up the beach, I decided the horses were calm enough for me to whip out the camera and take a few pictures. We were delighted to find we could ride both of the horses in the water on a loose rein! The tide was high and the beach is a steep one, so we couldn’t go out very far into the water, it got deep quickly.

When we got the tired boys back up to the trailer, they’d barely broken a sweat. It was that much cooler at the beach! We had some snacks and a few people came up to talk to us about the horses. These two ladies talked to us nearly the whole time in falsetto “baby voice.” Bonnie could tell I didn’t have much patience for them, but Bonnie was being the excellent Horse Ambassador.

When we got back to the barn, it was so hot that I hosed myself off. The water coming out of the hose was so hot I couldn’t feel it. After hosing off the horses, cleaning the trailer, and cleaning the tack, I headed home and passed out. I got home around 4pm, and it was still to hot. I think we should start out later and come back later if we’re planning on avoiding the heat. And I think we shoudl go out and do it again!

When I was looking through the photos, I noticed that I actually got a photo of Whisper looking like the Breyer Indian Pony (photo marked “Breyer model” on the right). I think Raleigh looks like the Breyer model Justin Morgan using the Sherman Morgan mold.

By levanah