still alive.

July 22, 2008

I’m still here! The sinus infection Of Doom™ knocked me out for several days. As I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and wishing that my head would just explode and end it all, I realized that I’d rather have the flu. Because at least you get to sleep when you have the flu.

As me posting to my blog may indicate (to the observant), we do indeed have an internet connection. TiVo was kind enough to loan us a sprint G3 modem dongle thingy until comcast can get someone out to the house to verify that we have a cable run to our house. They thought that might take a week. Then they’ll know how long it is until we can have our own connection. *insert frustrated noises here*

We are completely moved, but progress on unpacking has been stymied by trips to Vegas (Rob) and illness (me). We have not yet cooked in the house. Tonight I caught up on my 1000+ google reader articles with two furry cats to keep me company. Speaking of cats, Rob accidentally took my phone to work the other day, and so I took pictures of the cats with his phone. Love this one of Pandi.

I have more to update, I just need to get my desktop computer on the internets. Upcoming topics may include*:

  • a trip to the horse park for some cross country jumping
  • thoughts on a 4 am conversation
  • More CSA veggies
  • furniture shopping
  • Brazilian BBQ in San Francisco
  • Movies: Dark Knight and Love, Actually
  • what I’m reading

* I say “may include” because I might not get around to writing about these things. One never knows.

By levanah