nightstands, highboy, a futon, and a trip to IKEA, oh my!

July 29, 2008

I did it again. Sorry if you got two of these. This was posted incompletely the first time.

And WE HAVE INTERNET! but not on my desktop. Yet.

Our new master bedroom is longer and more narrow than our previous room. This was great, until we realized that the two nightstands didn’t fit on either side of the California King-sized bed by about a half inch.

I’ve tried to draw a picture of what the night stand looked like. Note how wide the black top is in relation to the rest of the unit. It wouldn’t completely ruin the night stands to cut a little bit off the sides to make it fit, but that’s not a project I thought would happen any time soon.

We were up in Berkeley the other weekend and decided to drop by our favorite furniture store, Rockridge Furniture, and see if they still had the highboy dresser that goes with our bedroom set. They’d called us about six months ago to let us know that they were discontinuing our set, and we’d driven up and decided the dresser just wouldn’t fit, and I hated the super-wide top piece. The highboy would fit now, and as we were contemplating it, I remarked that it still had the ridiculously wide top in comparison to the rest of the unit. I mentioned to the sales lady that I needed to find someone who could cut and re-finish the nightstands for us, and she said they could do it for $50 a piece. AND they could do the dresser to match! $150 to have all three pieces done professionally! I’m having 1.5″ taken off either side of the nightstands, so I have some additional space there, and the highboy is being cut to match.

Even more awesome is that Rob’s mother is helping us get the dresser as a wedding gift! I can’t believe what a good experience that turned into, all around!

The next item in the shopping odyssey is bedding for the guest room/library. I’m guessing it’s going to be a library more often than it’s going to be a guest room, but (just in case!) we got a nice quality, everyday-use futon mattress and the craftsman frame (no drawers, yet). We got a really nice upholstery fabric cover for it, so it should look pretty couch-like when it isn’t in queen bed mode. We got a queen because our most frequent guest (twice!) is on the tall-side.

Grammar police: am I over-hyphenating?

Then we went to IKEA and invested in a TON of IVAR shelving for the garage and the sewing/yoga/closet room. We just barely got it all in the Audi. It’s all assembled now, and we think we’ll be able to park in the garage in the next week. I’ll take pictures when it’s all “done.”

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By levanah