TiVo Basketball Tournament 7/15

July 31, 2008

Rob played on TiVo’s basketball team for their annual tournament on July 15th. Rob’s played in the TiVo tournament all six times they’ve played it. TiVo has won four of the six tournaments. This year: TiVo wins!

I took this great picture of Rob afterward. He hates pictures of himself, but maybe he’ll forgive me this one. Now that the desktop is on the internets, I can work with photos again!

The guys in the office park play a pickup basketball game two or three times a week. The different companies each have a team. Last year it was only TiVo and Foundry, and Foundry won. This year SoftwareAG contributed a team, but they were sort of last-minute and didn’t score very well.

Here’s me attempting to know something about basketball:

Most of time they play pickup basketball, which is played man-to-man. Foundry has some really good players who can outrun a player and shoot well. This year the TiVo team played using “zone.” In a zone defense, even if the player outruns the guy covering him, he’s met at the basket by the player who is assigned to that zone. The TiVo team spent about a month practicing together, and they won 40-something to 20-something.

I think they should form a team and join a league!

By levanah