Project Park Cars in the Garage a success!

August 1, 2008

Today I initiated Project Park Cars in the Garage. This was mostly because I was avoiding Project Assemble Futon. The futon was delivered around 11am. They called when I was upgrading my iPhone, four times in one minute. I have the time stamps to prove it. WHY is it that people only call during the ten minutes you aren’t available? Anyway, we didn’t have them assemble it, and it was waaay more than I felt like dealing with. To make myself feel less overwhelmed, I ate ice cream. Well, I ate ice cream later in the day. First I went to lunch with Rob.

After lunch I began to tackle the garage. It was mostly filled with recycling, goodwill stuff, and boxes that belonged in the craft room or tech area. The garage was cleared, but the rest of the house paid for it. Maybe Rob will make it so we can walk in the kitchen while I’m at work tomorrow. Most of the boxes that were removed from the garage were emptied in the correct room (in some cases, I even put the stuff away! Shocking, I know), then placed in the collapsed box recycling pile.

When Rob came home from work, we added the fourth row of shelves to the IVAR shelving along the back wall in the garage. We had originally built it with three rows (two with cabinets,one just shelves) but I did some measurements and realized that we could fit one more row in, exactly. So of course I had to do it. And we actually needed the space.

We loaded the recycling into Rob’s car, and the goodwill into my car, and we parked the cars in the garage! I took a picture while the door was going down to prove that we can not only park the cars in there, but we can shut the door. And with the door shut, we can still walk around in there!

Upcoming Projects include:
– Assemble the Futon
– Put Books Away
– Organize Sewing Room
– Put Odds and Ends Away
– Vacuum the stairs
I know you can’t wait for updates. 😉

By levanah