of all the stupid things….

August 17, 2008

I managed to delete my user profile in windoze. Seriously. I did it, it’s all my own fault. I seem very calm about this, don’t I? That’s because I nearly completely flipped out when I realized I don’t have a current backup, and I’d probably


People almost died. Nations went into high alert. Many curse words were shouted and the cats disappeared.

Somehow, though, the pictures and music directories were left intact, though difficult to find. I even found my documents. The cats came out of hiding, and the world has cautiously resumed normal activities.

Tomorrow we buy a nice USB backup drive, and I begin the long process of rebuilding my profile. Like I needed another effing project. I should probably use this as an opportunity to re-install the operating system and start completely from scratch, but I don’t think I can handle the thought of that this week.

So, after I make the backup, all of my pictures will be backed up to picasa, up there in the safe cloud of the internets. Most of the documents I’ve made lately have been in google docs, so once the hard backup is made of my local stuff, new docs will live in the cloud.

I was very resistant the the idea of an “internet appliance” or “thin client”, where everything is stored on the internet. Now the idea is very attractive. I guess I’m less worried about security than I once was (maybe I should be more worried). Having my backups live on a huge disk farm that is maintained by someone else sounds awesome right now.

This is going to take forever. *sigh*

By levanah