a pointy hat, a trip, a guest, disc golf, and a quiz

August 21, 2008

I wasn’t going to make this post until I had a picture of myself in a pointy hat. Kate has kindly provided the picture. No laughing!

We took a trip up to Orland the other day to pick up Steve “he’s to silly to be a doctor!” P. He was visiting up there for a week as part of his summer “west coast tour,” on break from the doldrums of being a Physics Professor in MN. 😉 We were also part of the plot for a surprise birthday party, which apparently was an actual surprise!

It’s weird that I’ve gone to Orland more times lately than I’ve been to SLO to see my own family. It’s about the same distance away. In the past I have been against day trips. Driving 5 hours to spend 5 hours somewhere seems weird to me. But it has been fun lately, so maybe I can do it more often. When Dad gets back from Burningman with Gern, and Nat returns from Grandma’s, we’ll have to go down to SLO. Mom’s birthday is coming up, anyway.

Elizabeth’s home in Orland is quite a draw though. The city is a lot like Paso was 30 years ago, and it’s just as warm there. The home is where their family grew up. The “in-laws” live in a huge camper on the property, complete with a second camper for guest quarters, a workshop and a huge garage. They have a beautiful pool, great food, and their hospitality is unmatched! I’m sure this is the kind of place my Dad dreams of, I know I do, but we’d have to have room for horses. 😉

We brought Steve home with us (our first house guest, again!), and Monday began an odyssey of disc golf. We went to the DeLaveaga disc golf course in Santa Cruz. I let Steve sit in the front seat of the car when we drove around so he and Rob could talk. I believe this made me car sick, as I didn’t feel so hot whenever we went somewhere. I managed to lose my orange fairway “champion shark” approach disc in The Kitchen (hole 16?). I think I was only about 20 “strokes” over par by about hole 17 and my arms were killing me. So I wimped out. I’m equally bad at throwing with my left and right arm. I’m teaching myself to throw predominantly with my left, because I have so many issues with my right shoulder. I have a collection of 4 discs that Rob had done up with the TiVo logo. Luckily he had extra orange ones, so I have a new approach disc. I have a set of four discs:

  • Red “star wraith” long distance driver. For off the tee.
  • Yellow “star leopard” distance “still have a long way to go” fairway driver.
  • orange “champion shark” fairway approach disc.
  • white “birdie dx” putter.

I guess I can live with knowing golf rules, as long as I always play it with discs. After playing we had a late lunch and beer at Seabright brewing company.

They went back to Santa Cruz on Tuesday. I can’t recall how they did, or why I didn’t go. I think I just napped all day. We went to a quiz night at The Royal Oak that we’d been meaning to check out. Our team of three did very well, coming in 3rd or 4th in 14 teams. The winning teams were all closer to the maximum size of eight people. The food was good, the game was fun, and they had good beer on tap. We’re looking forward to attending quiz night in the future, when it doesn’t interfere with poker night.

Wednesday I had to work. The guys went to the Coyote Creek disc golf course at Hellyer Park in San Jose. Apparently Steve got a “ace” on the first tee. There was much rejoicing.

Your quiz question (I said there was a quiz in the title!): Where did we have beer in Santa Cruz?

And one for Steve: Which Spice Girl served us?

By levanah