September 3, 2008

best of the first try.I’m totally obsessed with the flickr pool wardrobe_remix. I think it’s fabulous for a variety of reasons, but mostly because you get to see real people, in real clothes, feeling good about themselves.

Here I’ve posted my first attempt to take a picture of myself. Because I could spend forever working on the “perfect” outfit and “perfect” shot, I’ve decided to eat my pride and just post something. Now that you’ve seen this shot, I’ll have to post a better shot to erase your memory of this one! Next time I am going to work harder on finding a good backdrop; Cthulhu is trying to eat my head in this one. I could also lose ten pounds…

I’m a bit of a fashion magazine addict, though I really only read glamour and what I can find at the place I get my nails done or my hairstylist’s. Glamour, allure, marie clair, an occasional People… Gross, I know. As penance I don’t watch hardly any TV. Magazines require the ability to read, at least.

After watching the wardrobe_remix pool for the last few months, I was looking at an allure magazine today (as I had my nails done barbie pink), and those models look miserable. The makeup that makes them look exhausted, the odd postures that enhance the wasted look of their starved bodies. Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic and bitter that I’m not skinny, but I may have to buy an allure just so I can scan and share the spread in question. The people on the wardrobe_remix pool look like they like themselves, no matter what their shape, color, sex, or style is. And what a fun display of style!

Be warned, more fashion shots are in your future. And I might need a SLR camera to improve my photography skills. *evil cackle*

By levanah