I say "pin-up," you say…

September 8, 2008

links are probably Not Safe For Work

I really really really want to attend the zivity bootcamp, and I really know nothing about using an SLR camera. The frustration! I’m going to acquire a camera, and get myself some basics for the next class, but maybe some of you can get in on this one!

It’s an all-day clinic for aspiring pin-up photographers. Some people might find some of the content on zivity a little too sexy. I love the idea of immortalizing beautiful, strong, and well, sexy! women on film. I’d like to have pictures of myself, and have the ability to take pictures of others. Learning good technique can make for amazing photos!

Below is a link to the bootcamp website:

If you’re on zivity, check out addictedimage and mischa!

By levanah