the old apartment

September 11, 2008

I hadsome pictures of the old apartment on Descanso that were on my iPhone. I took most of these photos right before driving down to Paso Robles to see Grandma when she was here November 2007, but some are from Christmas, and this summer, right before we moved. I’m sad I never took a picture of our first apartment, the one on Hope Street.

Sometimes at the barn (and at work) I’m forced to listen to country music. The song “You’re Going to Miss This” makes me think of the first apartment, and the last one, actually. I miss something about each of them. The song The Old Apartment also has some resonance, though when I actually read the lyrics (of both), not as much.

I really miss the painted walls, but I can do that here in the new house…when I finish the zillion other projects I have…

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By levanah