my first plumbing disaster

September 12, 2008

Ah, the joys of home ownership…

So around 4pm [Yesterday. Started the post yesterday finishing the post today] I’m backing out of the garage on my way to pick up my CSA produce, which I need to do early tonight because we have a play to attend, when I hit the trashcan and drag it onto the water heater. I try to put the car in drive and go forward, but our garage has a bit of a ledge at the front, and the car slides backward further as I let off the brake to go forward. And then water starts spurting. Awesome.


After a freaked-out phone call to Rob (he was so sweet) and turning a valve or two off (and unplugging the recirculation pump) I go to yelp and look up plumbers. The first guy I call (not the most highly reviewed, but good reviews, nonetheless) appears to be stoned, and can’t make it out until tomorrow. I told him I’d call him back if I couldn’t find someone to come out today. The next one I call, a woman answers, whom I can hardly understand. She did ask me if there was still water spurting about, but they couldn’t come out until tomorrow. The third guy (with 36 reviews and a better-than four-star rating) answers the phone, listens, makes sure the water is turned off, calms me down, tells me he is New York but he’s got someone who’ll be here in an hour. LOVE HIM. While I’m waiting for the plumber to come, Sparky stops by. Rob couldn’t leave work due to some outage. I have to go pick him up to make the play because he’s biked to work, and he can’t make it home in time. Sparky confirms that yup, it’s broken. (Okay, he was more useful than that, but it was funny to write that. *wink*) Sparky confirms that the situation is under control, points out some corrosion on the old welds, then heads out.

At some point I realize that Pandi is missing. Pandi (the cat) was raised as a house cat, so she’s not really street savvy, if you know what I mean. And I can’t find her. Some I’m running around the neighborhood calling for the cat, hoping the plumber will get here in time for me to run off and pick up my produce, and make it to dinner before the play.

The guy gets here, I show him where I’ve cracked two welds, and he starts fixing it. I find Pandi, get covered in cat musk, have to change. I ask the plumber if I can run off and pick up my produce, which I manage to pick up with 5 minutes to spare (produce pickup is 4:30-6:30).

I get back, the plumber has had some issues, a second guy is there helping him. Then they finish! It’s to late for dinner, but we can still make the play. Except by the time I get to TiVo, I feel like barfing and I feel a migraine coming on.

We ended not going to the play and just doing a lovely dinner at Cascal. I took two Excedrin that kept me up half the night, but did waylay my headache. And the world is back in order.


By levanah