sick day(s)

September 23, 2008

I’m sick. And officially bored with myself. I’ve freed Rob from the tyranny of the demands of a sick Nicole to go play poker. And now I’m bored. Did I mention I was bored? And sick?

Thursday I woke up with this odd feeling in my throat, which was beginning to be describable as a sore throat about the time I made it to spin class. But first I went climbing, then horseback riding, then a quick spin around the mall, then off to pick up the CSA (I didn’t hit anything this time). Yes, the delicious Miss E has convinced me to make another crack at the torture known as “spinning.” I’ve committed to attending six times. I again managed to do about 50% of what the instructor asked, and was mostly able to walk away afterward. By the time I got home, my throat had gone into full searing pain mode.

Friday morning wasn’t so bad, as it happened around 2pm for me. I stayed in and rested; we had a friend’s birthday dinner to attend at Absinthe in San Francisco that night. I managed to pull together an awesome outfit and through the marvels of cosmetics, I looked good. I took a ton of vitamin C, fluids, and daytime Benedryl. I made it for almost three hours before I had to be taken home. Strangely enough, I slept pretty well.

Saturday I woke up well enough and rested enough to go to work. I only work three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I always feel bad about calling in sick on Saturday because it’s a busy day, and I effectively get five days in a row off if I do call in sick. It turned out to be a nice day and I was able to work on a satisfying sock project for most of the day. We made fish for dinner. Morgan (the cat) was impressed.

Sunday we were to attend a wedding. I woke up and felt “better.” To make certain I wouldn’t have a coughing fit during the wedding we attended on Sunday, I had cough drops, pills, and tissues at the ready. I was fine during the ceremony (except it was long and I should have visited the ladies room beforehand). I drank some wine, and had a very nice time during the reception. But I talked a lot, and my throat got a bit raw.

This morning I woke up… again at 2 pm. I was fine until I sat up, then I tried to cough up my lungs for about 45 minutes. Several cough drops later I’ve found that as long as I stay sedentary and don’t talk, I don’t cough! It would be awesome if I felt better by tomorrow…

By levanah