antiques in niles

September 29, 2008

Today we did not go to ren faire. Mostly because I’ve been sick. Instead we went to Niles, a small town somehow located inside Fremont. I think I’ve been to this place before, but I might be confusing it with another small downtown taken over by antique shops in Northern California.

Anyhow, we were supposed to be looking for… tankards. Yes, I think it was tankards and other random costume accessories for faire. We were not successful in our primary objective. But we did find some other stuff we’d sort-of been looking for.

Behold! Martians have configured the pyrex set into a cairn to communicate… something.

We went to many shops, and this was the third complete set we saw. It was in the best shape of any I’ve come across, and with the 20% off, it was less expensive than the not-as-nice set we’d almost bought.

This find (and the little pyrex casserole dishes… want) has inspired me to start reading

I also found these neat screw-backed pearl earrings.

I’ve been thinking ahead to the holiday season, and what I’d like to wear to the TiVo xmas party (and other events. You are going to invite me to your holiday event, right?). I’m thinking I want a brown, navy, blue or burgundy version of the Sophia dress we wore for my wedding. Or I could just have my wedding dress shortened and wear it. I’ve been imagining I’d wear it with a snowflake brooch. And I found the brooch today!

Morgan was “helping” me take pictures, so I tried to grab a few of her, with the camera in macro mode. One picture makes me dizzy, the other makes me giggle…


By levanah