more faire

October 7, 2008

We got gate-listed for the faire last Sunday. I think our official “job” was “Naughty Minstrel Groupie.” We weren’t very good groupies (I only got the one picture this time, sorry), but we were good shoppers! We got tankards, belts, food, plenty of beer, and a Naughty Minstrels CD. Going to faire is a lot like Burningman: you walk around intoxicated all day looking at cool stuff and running into cool people. It’s a lot cleaner and quieter at faire, though. And youget to go home and get clean afterward.

Rob’s going to kill me for the picture posted here, but I think he looks HOT, and isn’t that the important part? It’s true love if he’ll dress up for you!

Next year we’ll get: shoes for each of us, a pointy (pirate-y) hat for Rob, a knife for Rob, and cloaks.

I also got the only cute picture I’ve taken of the two of us, so far.

Make sure to catch the naughty minstrels at noon, two and four at the Romany stage!

By levanah