Equality — Vote NO on Proposition 8

October 23, 2008

Vote No On 8, Don’t Eliminate Marriage for Anyone

I feel like I need to do more for marriage equality, because it’s about everyone being equal. So here’s an event:

Equality ~ A Fundraiser for No on Prop 8
Please join us for a very special evening of music, dance, and performance dedicated to raising awareness and funds to defend marriage equality and defeat Prop 8!

And here’s something to think about:

In less than three weeks, Californians will vote on Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment which eliminates the rights of same-sex couples to marry. If Prop. 8 passes, our constitution would, for the first time, be used to impose discrimination. Two loving adults who want to live in the dignity of marriage, will be precluded from doing so. This discrimination is unfair, unnecessary, and wrong and harkens back to a time when many people thought interracial marriage would cause the end of the world as well. Clearly that has survived the test of time. Clearly we have, once again, NOT learned from history. Clearly it’s time to make a statement about that!

This is about so much more than just California. The whole country is watching this election. Will the right-wing be able to continue using this as an issue to divide Americans in future elections? Can wealthy bigots undermine the courts and state legislatures?

Legislators in Vermont and New Jersey are already set to take their cue from California. 40 states have laws or amendments in their state constitutions prohibiting gay people from getting married.

You can change all that.

For all of us who would be impacted by this constitutional amendment — and that is ALL of us — I am personally asking you not only to Vote NO on Prop 8, but also to ask your friends and family to Vote NO on Prop 8.

Spread the word. Share the love. Be the change.

Vote NO on Proposition 8.

By levanah