101 Things in 1001 Days

December 30, 2008

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101 Things in 1001 Days
Day Zero is Thursday, January 1, 2009
Day 1001 is Thursday, September 29, 2011
1001 days/143 weeks/33 months
From the website:

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part). [I did my best]

Why 1001 Days?
[Why the heck not?]

In No Particular Order:

  1. sew a skirt ref. 1
  2. attend Dickens Fair at least once [it’s not possessive. thanks katya!]
  3. attend Ren Fair at least once
  4. knit something (scarf or better)
  5. sew the Emmaline apron [4/1 bought fabric] ref. 1
  6. [fwd] ride a dressage test (preferably at a show) ref. 1
  7. ride in a 3-Day event ref. 1
  8. [fwd] “cook” a book. probably 5 Spices, 50 Dishes
  9. [fwd] ride a hunter pace ref. 1
  10. do yoga once per week for a month
  11. [fwd] attend belly dance class (or do the videos once a week) for a month
  12. attend social dance lessons (10/10) [May 2009]
  13. [nope] go to new wave city 6 times (0/6)
  14. grow my hair out (until at least December 2009) [4/1 I can get it in a ponytail now!]
  15. manage CSA produce better (freeze, can) 1
  16. [nope] learn Tarot cards
  17. [nope] observe major Sabbats
  18. run for 30 minutes straight
  19. bike 20 miles ref. 1
  20. [nope] swim 1500m
  21. [nope] do a triathlon
  22. [nope] read Don Quixote
  23. learn to take notes
  24. [fwd] embroider something
  25. [fwd] make a new bellydance costume
  26. have 10 dinner parties (2 guest minimum) (4/10)
  27. make a steampunk costume
  28. attend a social dance (peers, etc) [We attended the unseen ball!]
  29. [nope] reach goal weight (155)
  30. [nope] maintain goal weight (tracked weekly)
  31. visit family in LA
  32. [nope] Do wardrobe photo once a week for wardrobe remix on flickr
  33. [nope] complete blog 365
  34. [nope] complete Project 365 [See the progress on Flickr]
  35. [fwd] take a photography class/workshop
  36. learn to string my guitar [April 13, 2009]
  37. [nope] make no unnecessary purchases for a month
  38. [fwd] go skiing or snowboarding
  39. go camping
  40. not eat out for one week
  41. sing karaoke (not rock band) [getting pretty awesome at rockband.]
  42. host poker night (2/2) ref. 1
  43. play poker (2/10) ref. 1
  44. travel somewhere (not for family)
  45. [fwd] Visit DC
  46. [nope] finish hair removal
  47. hang art
  48. [nope] re-frame devil and mr munchie
  49. [nope] make trellis
  50. plant herb garden [May 31, 2009]
  51. [nope] make dirt plot pretty
  52. [nope] SND cookbook
  53. fix ‘invisible’ necklace [April 20, 2009]
  54. [nope] make necklace (copying a favorite)
  55. learn to style updo’s (that’s why I’m growing my hair out!)
  56. use quicken every-other week
  57. [nope] Complete the Apartment Therapy Eight Step Home Cure once
  58. [fwd] make a blankie for Project Linus
  59. write “101 things” about myself completed [January 5, 2009]
  60. go climbing 100x (12/100)
  61. [nope] watch 10 movies Rob picks:
    Topsy Turvy
    Almost Famous
    Wonder Boys 1/3/09
    Momma mia
    Bull Durham
    Moonstruck 8/31/09
    Bend it like Bekham 4/2010
    (to be added)
  62. [nope] climb to top of Mission Peak
  63. rebuild Pc (or upgrade)
  64. organize digital photos
  65. organize digital documents
  66. organize digital music (make tags work) [4/1 ripped a bunch more cds]
  67. bike ride with Rob once a month (12/33) 
  68. Go to bed before midnight 5 nights a week
  69. wake up before 10 am five days a week
  70. find a primary care physician [January 6, 2009]
  71. get moles checked
  72. get golf’s oil changes done on time (1/10)
  73. read five classic novels (chosen by Rob):
    Pride and Prejudice [done] Jane Eyre
    Love in the Time of Cholera
    Tess of the d’Urbervilles
  74. give blood once
  75. [nope] finish hundred pushup challenge
  76. [nope] go horseback riding in the redwoods
  77. finish window treatments
  78. do disc golfing
  79. pay off credit cards
  80. climb outside
  81. go to library twice (was on list twice!) [February 2009] ref. 1, 2
  82. [fwd] learn more Spanish
  83. make personal website all css
  84. organize craft room, again
  85. organize garage better
  86. clean out tack box (5/5) ref. 1
  87. [fwd] sell something on ebay
  88. leave comments in 10 or the gazillion blogs I read (4/10)
  89. [nope] drag Rob to Burningman
  90. record 30 books on GoodReads January 5, 2009]
  91. re-organize magazine clippings (find a good system)
  92. find out what “voice type [I am I’m a Soprano]
  93. get kitchen table repaired/finished (what about a new table?)
  94. put up shelves for cookbooks
  95. watch the rest of Heroes and BSG [BSG is done.]
  96. take a vitamin every day for a week
  97. record every menstrual period
  98. [nope] paint or re-finish dresser
  99. oh, lets save a few for later
  100. I’m stealing Kate’s very sensible Bake bread five times (5/5) Twice! Many more to go! [May 2009]
  101. [nope] complete 95% of list

By levanah