we can dance!

January 4, 2009

Here’s one for 101in1001 number 12: attend social dance lessons (1/10).
we can dance

Today we had our third East Coast/Six Count Swing lesson. I took this picture for my Prjoect365. It’s really hard to set up a rock-step in a "skater" AND take a picture at the same time. Next time I’ll figure out how to have us both on the same step!

We’re doing really well, having learned all of the steps on the handout… which I think I’ve lost…HA! Found it!

  • Lady’s Arch Turn
  • Loop Turn (with variations)
  • Waist Slide Turn
  • Man’s Underarm Turn
  • Cuddle Up (aka the Skater)
  • Dishrag
  • Arches

Now we need some time learning to feel confident in different situations with varying music. Fun!

By levanah