101 things about me

January 6, 2009

1. I own a horse
2. I ride Dressage, Jumpers, Hunters
3. I really like trail riding
4. I want to do eventing
5. I got my first pony when I was three
6. I am both a first-born, and a middle child
7. I have one little sister, and two older brothers
8. I was born on Mother’s day
9. I’m a Taurus
10. My favorite holiday is Halloween (since before it was cool!)
11. I hate Christmas
12. I have two cats, one’s been with me since 1993
13. I am afraid of the dark
14. I am resistant to change
15. I worry too much about what others think
16. I’m moved to tears by coordinated acts, like when people move over for ambulances
17. I cry at movies
18. I have a blankie
19. I can knit, but not purl (working on this!)
20. I can sew, but haven’t made anything I will actually wear, yet
21. I love 80’s music
22. I love dance music
23. I love to dance
24. I am taking swing dancing lessons
25. I can sort-of belly dance
26. I can converse in Spanish (with a very patient person)
27. I can understand Portugues
28. I rock climb regularly
29. I’m fascinated by knots
30. I met my husband rock climbing
31. I never thought I’d get married
32. I had LASIK in 2008, two weeks after getting married
33. I got married in 2008
34. We bought my first house in 2008
35. I like shoes, a lot
36. I think feet are sexy
37. I have two Dark Garden Corsets
38. I love costumes
39. I was a terrible goth
40. I like to cook, and love cooking gadgets
41. I can cook for 25+, no problemo
42. Cooking for two is hard
43. I believe Atlantis was in South America
44. I’ve been to burningman 4 times. With my Dad
45. I mouse with my left hand (even though I’m right-handed)
46. I can’t touch type. Well I can, but not well
47. I attended 10 different schools in K-12
48. I changed schools 10 times in high school alone
49. I collect projects
50. I collect people. Will you be my friend?
51. I used to collect Breyer horses, I have 43
52. I really like to read
53. I get OCD when I read and will stay up all night finishing a book
54. I read magazines because they are short
55. I hate to watch TV
56. I get personally embarrased when embarrasing things happen on TV
57. I love my TiVo, not just because it pays my bills
58. I don’t drink soda if I can help it
59. I like dark beer, but think Guinness tastes like water
60. I used to have long hair, but cut it because no one ran their fingers through it
61. I’m growing my hair out again
62. I have mild agoraphobia
63. I used to love Margaritas
64. then Mojitos
65. I think I might love Gin and Tonics
66. or was that Sazeracs?
67. I used to do yoga regularly
68. I used to be a webmaster
69. I can skate board, rollerskate, rollerblade, and iceskate
70. I can ski as well as I can snowboard (not well)
71. I am totally addicted to my iPhone
72. I’ve been blogging since 2003
73. I want a dragon
74. I am personality type ENFP – “Journalist”. Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.
75. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up
76. I’m pretty sure I have the world’s shortest tongue
77. I’m too tall and large framed to be Petite, but too short for Regular
78. I am terrified of insects and arachnids
79. I don’t believe you should kill arachnids
80. I have nine piercings
81. I don’t have a tattoo
82. I want a tattoo
83. I smoked for 12 years, but quit when I was 25
84. I still occasionally smoke
85. I am a huge fan of naps
86. and massages
87. and hot baths
88. I passed my driving test in a car with manual “stick” transmission
89. This impressed most of the people in the small town where I spent my formative years
90. I was raised on MTV, Star Trek, Cosmos and HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.
91. I really wanted to be She-Ra
92. I cried when they cancelled Star Trek TNG
93. I cried when they cancelled “Firefly”
94. It makes me mad when people don’t just say what they’re thinking
95. I frequently talk myself hoarse at parties
96. I like to name things like cars
97. My car’s name is Veronica
98. I think the best way to see the sun rise is to stay up all night (then go to sleep)
99. I like to know “why”
100. I can be very silly
101. I’m really bad at finsihing things

By levanah