101in1001 Progress Report: Week 1

January 7, 2009

It’s close enough to the end of week one, and I feel like talking about my progress (or lack thereof). I’m really not a stickler for rules, and I plan on changing out a few things on the list, but I do intend to make note of changes as they occur.

10. do yoga once per week, dammit (0/143)
I’m sucking at this one. Maybe I can squeeze one in today…

11. attend belly dance class (or do the videos once a week) (0/143)
I think I’m going to edit number 11, and a few others, to make them a little more achievable. Especially considering I’ve hurt my foot (see note on #70, below), and I’m saving whatever I can get out of my foot for climbing, swing dance, and riding.

12. attend social dance lessons (1/10)
We had our third lesson (the first since starting my list) on Sunday, and we have another one scheduled for Sunday this week.

18. run for 30 minutes straight
19. bike 20 miles
20. swim 1500m

My foot hurts. Progress is limited.

29. reach goal weight (155)
30. maintain goal weight (tracked weekly)

I’ve gained weight this week, so #29 isn’t complete, and that makes #30 moot.

32. Do wardrobe photo once a week for wardrobe remix on flickr
I did take a picture, but the quality wasn’t good enough for me to send to the pool. I think it was a good attempt.

33. complete blog 365
so far, so good.

34. complete Project 365 [See the progress on Flickr]
I have pictures on my camera that I need to upload, but other than that, so far so good!

59. write “101 things” about myself
completed 1/5/09

61. watch 10 movies Rob picks:
Wonder Boys 1/3/09

68. Go to bed before midnight 5 nights a week
69. wake up before 10 am five days a week

If I changed #69 to “before noon” i’d still be a failure. Must get sleep pattern re-set.

70. find a primary care physician 1/6/2009
71. get moles checked [appointment for 1/8]

My foot hurts, so I finally made an appointment to have it looked at, and incidentally got myself a primary care physician. She’s going to look at my foot and moles tomorrow.

73. read five classic novels (chosen by Rob):
Pride and Prejudice [reading]

I’ve actually mostly read it before, but then I skipped a bunch because I wanted to read the dialog from the scene in the BBC movie where Darcy apologizes.

81. go to library twice [was on list twice!]
This was on the list to do one time, twice. I combined them and made a new item for #89.

88. leave comments in 10 or the gazillion blogs I read (2/10)
I’ve made two.

89. drag Rob to Burningman
Rob said it was okay! And I’ve got three burningmans in my 1001 days.

90. record 30 books on GoodReads 1/5/09
This was far to easy. I like the concept, though.

That was mostly week one. See you tomorrow!

By levanah