it’s like this week is out to get me

January 13, 2009

On Sunday I bought myself some new vitamins. The Trader Joe’s Women’s One a Day vitamin upsets my stomach every time I take one. I eventually figured out that it’s less horrible if I take the pill with food so I usually have a vitamin with dinner. It still smells icky and I want to cut the pill in half, but whatever.

I forgot to take the new vitamin until after dinner on Sunday night. Rob and I went to SND, then came home and practiced more swing (we had our fourth lesson on Sunday!), so it was probably midnight when I took the “Active and Alert Mind and Body” Women’s one a day. About an hour later, I was wide awake. At SIX O’CLOCK in the effin mornin’ I was still awake!

So I slept until the afternoon. It turns out that the pill I took just before bed has “about as much caffeine as one cup of coffee.”

Then I spent the afternoon battling with Evite. After a few hours, I discovered that essentially, Evite hates firefox. It worked flawlessly in IE.

That evening we went to Fiesta Del Mar in Mountain View and had a lovely time welcoming friends back from their long vacation down under. I think it was the biggest crowd we’ve ever had at FdM, twenty-four! I came home, and eventually fell asleep…

Only to find myself awake, bright and alert at THREE in the morning. Gah. So today was shot, too.


By levanah