Whisper Files: the first report

January 17, 2009

I used to keep a “Whisper Files” section on my old blog. I think this is the most logical way for me to keep up on Whisper’s progress. I intend to publish these weekly on Fridays. “Fitness Regime” might be on Mondays,

Wed 1/14: Took the “Four Ranches” trail ride today (my name for it, about two hours). Laura was kind enough to get the gate open for me. The city of Saratoga has a bunch of equestrian trails, you just have to know where they are. So I started on the Mount Eden trail, headed toward Pachetti, then turned back halfway down the hill. I got off and hiked (I need more exercise than Whisper does) back up the hill, then we went through some rich dude’s really nice cutting horse ranch over to Sherfs. Then the back trail over to Garrods. I took the “poop loop” around Garrods, and went through Fremont Older to circle back to the Paladin barn, where Whisper lives. I hiked over the hill there, too. I saw one bobcat at the private ranch and two coyotes back at Paladin.

Thurs 1/15: Today was nothing spectacular. I made it up to the barn, rode for 30 min. Whisper is really getting to be quite amazing in his response to lateral aids. We have some lovely, perfectly balanced turns. Now if I can just keep my inside shoulder up (so he can keep his up) and keep my hands CLOSED, we’ll be brilliant!

Fri 1/16: Today I had a lesson. Whisper is getting to be very good at responding to lateral aids in turns to do very balanced turns, I just get all discombobulated when I’m trying to coordinate my half-halts and keeping my hands closed on the reins/maintaining contact. Then I get all tired (and grumpy; PMS) I had a few good moments, and Whisper was a rockstar, as always.

By levanah