grumpy day

January 22, 2009

Did you know that in California, “Poblano Peppers” are called “Pasilla Peppers?” This knowledge would have saved me from going to at least one of the three grocery stores I had to go to today. Is there also some sort of global shortage on canned Cannellini beans (white kidney beans)? None of the local safeways carry them, and I have to go to the yuppie mart to get them. [And. Not. Buy. Yuppie… oooh, what’s that?] I used to be able to get them at safeway. At least limes are reasonably priced at the Mexican grocery.

And WHY must the cats bring the dead bird into the house and rub it on EVERYTHING? Morgan is a known cute-thing murderer, but she hasn’t done this in years. Pandi still seems to silly to be a murderer, but she did seem quite proud of herself…

Today it rained, we need the rain.
raindrops on weeds 21/365

By levanah