Whisper files: not much to report

January 26, 2009

Wed 1/21: well, I did one of the five tackbox cleanings I signed myself up for on my 101in1001 project. I have to sort through the stuff I have stored here at home and clean everything, but it’s a start. I tried to ride, and I’ve discovered that I simply have a weak left leg. Laura assures me this is normal, but it’s weird to realize that one leg is significantly weaker than the other. I had a hissyfit because Whisper wouldn’t keep himself in a frame and decided I should probably call it a day.

Thurs 1/22: I failed to make it to the barn.

Fri 1/23: Had a great lesson in the rain! We worked on stabilizing and strengthening my thighs, which also makes me have to stay in position. I can totally see how this exercise is going to improve my seat and make me much safer over fences! Whisper got a bath and new shoes.

whisper's pedicure 23/365

Saturday I worked, and today I went up to give him grain and say Hi.

By levanah