Replacing Memories

January 29, 2009

I love books. They were my best friends when I was a lonely, know-it-all child who moved every three years. I could go on adventures, meet new people, and escape from my parents in to books. The earliest books I really remember as being mine are The Black Stallion’s Challenge and Shimeree. I went on to read and currently own all of the Black Stallion series.

The Shimeree book was part of Serendipity Books, written by Stephen Cosgrove, and illustrated by Robin James. My sister and I had maybe 15 of the approximately seventy books in this collection. I believe these were all lost in some storage space incident when I was in college (unless my sister still has them and is hiding them from me…)

I turns out these super-sweet books are still in print! The re-issues are bound differently, but it’s still the same pictures and stories. These stories all had a moral. I wasn’t raised on religion, and these books are perfect if you want to teach morals (and love for animals) without religious overtones. [okay, I’m not a religious scholar, I’m sure someone can find religion in these books, but I still don’t see it].

Anyhow, my order arrived today. It probably took about 5 minutes to read all five books, and I made sure to read Morgan Morning last (it makes me cry). Ah, the memories…

sweet memroies 27/365

By levanah