eleven days later

March 1, 2009

alright. One of my two devoted readers (Hi Mom!) noticed that I’d stopped blogging. Lets just say I was avoiding the scene of my … lack of success. But I’m back. Maybe I’ll even start again.

What I’ve been up to:

Had a nearly breakthrough improvement in my riding at the last riding lesson. Totally figured out the whole concept of having my leg “on”. I’m still not physically strong enough to do a whole lot with it, but it was very effective.

Whisper had his teeth done today. I waited way to long to have it done. I’m a horrible person. In my defense, I went far to many years between my own dental appointments, with negative consequences. I don’t care for him any worse than I care for myself.

Which reminds me; I need to make a dental appointment for myself.

Had my third singing lesson. Am I ever going to front a band? Not even. Join a choir? Probably not. Win rockband? It already thinks I’m awesome. Improve my singing so that I don’t put others in danger when I sing along to the radio? Hopefully. Learn to do two things that I’ve always wanted to (sing and read music)? Hell yeah! We recorded my last lesson. Boy do I sound funny when I talk.

I lost weight, then gained it back.

I had an awesome weekend climbing at the gym. It was only a few 5.9’s, but it felt great! My shoulder and neck worked perfectly! Since then I’ve had three muscle-tension headaches, one bad enough to make my physically ill (you know what I mean).

I now have nine library books out. I read Micheal Pollan’s In Defense of Food. You should read it, too.

I had an awesome group cross-step waltz and swing lesson. We also went to Friday Night Waltz. We weren’t great, but we had a great time! We really need to build out our repertoire of cross-step waltz steps. The swing we did pretty well at. I got some books and videos at the library, too.

I went through a bunch of old pictures I have from when I lived in SLO. I may have to scan them. There’s a few nice ones of me.

Looking forward to: March 8, Daylight Savings! March 14, Erin’s Bachelorette! March 28, Erin and Sparky tie the knot!

By levanah