my arm hurt.

April 16, 2009

I’ve come up with a whole bunch of things to write about, I just haven’t had the time to commit to writing. I’m squandering all of my time on napping…and facebook.

But what really got me this last month is my arm/neck/shoulder was hurt, and it hurt a lot. Especially when I slouch at the computer. It’s now mended so that I don’t hurt most of the time (looking up is still a little hard). I’m really not sure what exactly I did to myself, but I’ve lost muscle tone and I’m annoyed.


If you actually read this blog at my webpage ( and not via a google reader, facebook, or some other RSS reader, you’ll see that I often share articles I’ve thought were interesting in the little box on the right titled “Levanah’s Shared Items.” You can also see these if we’re friends in the land of google. I’m going to format a more…consistent (ninjas!) look and feel to this page (which you can RSS if you’re into that). Just another way to know what I’m up to.

I’ll explain RSS (to those who don’t know what it is) in a future post. I’ll have time tomorrow to type up something.

By levanah