I wish I could make myself start a sewing project…

April 21, 2009

I wish I could start and finish a sewing project so I could have some [all] of these costumes from simplicity. I guess I never grew out of wanting a trunk full of costumes.

Want to look like Johnny Depp? I’ve made the vest before, it’s pretty cool. The Jacket has about a thousand pieces though. The shirt came together pretty well, too. Here’s some Pirate Women. I have a different Pirates women’s pattern.

I’m pretty sure this men’s costume is period, though probably for the wrong side of the pond. [Kate says that it’s basically correct, but the accessories are for the Americas, not London.]

Cute “steamy” jackets. I thought that costume from Charley and the Chocolate factory was pretty “steamy”, too. Why does Johnny get all of the costumes?

Egyptian or the type of costume you’re probably most familiar with. Tribal, very similar to the FCBD pattern one over at folkwear. Here’s the “tribal” pattern they had before they made the above pattern: Ethnic dancer. I wonder what they did with the Gypsy costume?

Must be “Twilight” inspired? I totally would have lived in these Gothic PJs. Maybe it’s not to late. 😉

And I just want these:

By levanah