progress on 101in1001

April 21, 2009

Here’s the update on my 101 Things in 1001 Days I need to note some progress here before I forget about it!

1. sew a skirt Fabric and all supplies have been purchased. Now I have to trace the pattern.

4. knit something (scarf or better) I have two patterns I’m thinking of, and I have the yarn picked out. I think I’m going to make the skirt and apron first, though.

5. sew the Emmaline apron I have all of the supplies, but I don’t like the green fabric I picked out for the trim. I may try bleaching it.

All horse stuff is on hold. Whisper is well, I just had to postpone lessons for a while. Le sigh.

12. attend social dance lessons (8/10) We hope to attend the First Annual Oakland Free Dance Festival this weekend.

I need to work on my fitness. I couldn’t get my own bike off the car rack on Sunday (but I did go for a nice bike ride! (#67))

26. have 10 dinner parties (2 guest minimum) (1/10) We had Kate and Nathan over. We made Indian food and we made them play rockband. Muahahaha.

36. learn to string my guitar I can not only string the guitar, I can tune it! Up next: chords!

42. host poker night (1/2) We hosted poker night. I did not win. I may still host again. I made a nacho bar and baked chocolate chip cookies. I have I set my bar to high?

43. play poker (1/10) see #42

53. fix ‘invisible’ necklace I think I did this, I’ll have to wear it and see if it still bugs me.

55. learn to style updo’s I believe I am making progress in this direction.

56. use quicken every-other week I was doing pretty good with this. need to work on it again.

61. watch 10 movies Rob picks Topsy Turvy is not available to rent on netflix nor amazon unboxed. I guess there are other movies…

66. organize digital music I made some progress here. I have combined out libraries and caught all of the obvious duplicates. Have to run some other software over it for the mis-labeled dupes.

67. bike ride with Rob once a month (1/33) Progress has been made!

(68-73) Sleep… I do a lot of that. I need to see the doctor. I also need to look at those books.

86. clean out tack box (1/5) More progress could have been made, but it was a healthy first-pass.

92. find out what “voice type” I am Soprano. I’ve been taking lessons once a week for a few months now. That means I’ve had…a whole 8 hours of instruction? only a few thousand to go to mastery!

94. put up shelves for cookbooks I have made plans and priced out supplies. Now to get the courage to cut wood!

95. watch the rest of Heroes and BSG BSG is done. I kindof want to wait until Heroes is over to watch the rest of it. It’s somehow less frustrating when I know there’s an ending.

100. I’m stealing Kate’s very sensible Bake bread five times (2/5) Twice! Many more to go!

By levanah