June the first

June 1, 2009

The sixth month has arrived, and I sometimes feel like I’ve been very productive, but usually not so much. We’ve danced, Whisper has a new home, we planted an herb garden, learned how to make new drinks, and we’ve enjoyed our CSA produce. I make bread and sweets. We discovered pan sauce. We visited Mom for a belated Mother’s Day. We had our anniversary. I had a birthday. We were in a wedding. We saw Bolt (Mittens is totally channeling Morgan) and Up. Up was an AWESOME movie. I actually swam in our pool.

But the house is a disaster, I haven’t been climbing (or exercising in general) very much, and we’re not seeing as much of our friends as I had planned.

I guess when I write it out that way, it all looks pretty good. I guess I should go do something today.

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By levanah