wine barrels, or what I did to the yard.

June 23, 2009

I wanted an herb garden, I wanted one really bad. I just didn’t want to spend the money on it. When we were down in Santa Maria visiting my mother for belated Mother’s Day, we were driving around trying to find the house I’d lived in… fifteen years ago? Anyhow, we drove past a house with about fifty half-wine barrels in the yard, for ten dollars each. These go for $25.00 at garden centers! I threatened to tie Mom to the roof so we could fit them in the car, but we just dropped her off at home and came back to wedged them into the car.

I can get free compost at the barn, so I filled them all up, bought some herbs, and I have a garden!

The yard is shaping up! (by levanah)
(Yard pictures taken with the new iPhone 3gs.)
Geranium (by levanah)

You can see Grandma’s awesome Geranium in the second photo, and the lady who’s horses are next to Whisper at the barn gave me that HUGE rosemary plant in the first photo. 🙂

The shelf thing is actually a ladder for MorganCat. Morgan and Pandora taught me: you can teach and old cat new tricks, you can’t even pick up a young cat. Morgan uses the ladder all of the time, Pandi won’t touch it. Oh well.

Cat ladder, 1of4 (by levanah)Cat ladder 2of4 (by levanah)Cat ladder 3of4 (by levanah)Cat ladder 4of4 (by levanah)
(1st Gen iPhone photos)

By levanah