our first home improvement project

September 2, 2009

Our first home improvement project was to build shelves in the bathrooms. The downstairs half bath and upstairs master bathroom both have these alcoves where the toilets are. These needed filling in, and shelves are what we decided on. We bought the wood… and let it sit for quite a while… then we cut and painted it… and let it sit for a few more weeks…Then I put Rob to work (okay, it was his idea to finish the project, I was going to let it languish forever….
Workin' hard (by levanah)

Ta DA! We finished a project AND we have all of our limbs!

I need more cookbooks (by levanah)
downstairs “library”

shelves (by levanah)

This completes 101in1001#94 put up shelves for cookbooks.

PS: there’s three photos in this post.

By levanah