pickled beets!

September 2, 2009

Okay, I’ve been sucked into facebook. That’s no reason to neglect the blog now, is it?

What fascinating things have happened…let’s see… I’ll use the pictures from my project365 over on flickr (Grandma, click the link to see pictures) to recap the last month. I’m gonna stretch it out for a few posts for good measure.

I canned beets (they taste like gherkins):
pickled beets: done! (by levanah)

In progress:
pickled beets (by levanah)

I should have taken a better picture of Erin’s beautiful, monstrous, all-clad stock pot. Believe me when I say it is enormous. Erin loaned me all of the equipment to can the beets from my CSA box on August 9th, and I got it all back to her on the 10th. She loaned me her book The Joy of Pickling, Revised Edition, from which I made the basic pickled beets recipe. As I had already prepped the beets, it went by very quickly. Yesterday was the day they were ready to be devoured, and a Bottling Monster (me) was born!

We need Jalapeño Jelly, Pickled Jalapeños, Marinated Roasted Peppers, and Fig Preserves. And I need a pickling party…


By levanah