road cycling

September 2, 2009

August 9th, Rob and I took the REI Outdoor School Intro to Road Cycling class together. We just barely managed to get up in time after staying quite late at Kate and Nathan’s house warming party the night before. We got to borrow road bikes, which was a great way to evaluate fit, and we had a great time. Though Rob said he thought the highlight of the day was the awesome picnic lunch we packed for ourselves. *grin*

Later that week, after three years of talking about it, I finally got myself a road bike.It’s a Carema Pro. It’s a high end bike for a beginner, an average bike overall. I’m pretty frikken wild about it.

new bike (by levanah)

On our first short jaunt around the neighborhood, Rob was riding his ol’ commuter bike, and I kept blasting by him howling with laughter. I could totally beat him! I had my garmin 405 gps watch and heart rate monitor (which I got for my birthday back in 2008) on, and I was barely taxing myself as I went 23-28 miles an hour! Woohoo!

At my insistence (and probably because he didn’t like me going faster than him), Rob also got a bike. His is the man’s version of my bike, the Strada. We took a short trip over to Target the other day, and I snapped a quick picture of our two bikes, below.

bikes out and about (by levanah)

On or first ride out together, we went 16.84 miles with Speed: 1.06 (mi/hr) (min) 25.36 (mi/hr) (avg) 28.74 (mi/hr) (max). The route was Lafayette>Zanker>Trimble>De La Cruz> Lafayette. Yes, Rob is still way faster than me.

After getting all excited about bikes and shoes and peddles an whatnot, I’m still a little uncomfortable with traffic, and frankly, I’m not in great shape. I remembered that several of my coworkers had taken a six-week class with The Almaden Cycle Touring Club (ACTC). We joined the club, which has rides almost daily of all sorts of levels. We hope to take their six-week Bike Driving I class in February.

This is going to make 101in1001#19 bike 20 miles a breeze! And maybe that will help with two other goals:
101in1001#18 run for 30 minutes straight
101in1001#20 swim 1500m

And of course we had to organize them in the garage:

organized (by levanah)

By levanah