the roasted chicken oddessy

September 2, 2009

At Kate and Nathan’s, post pirate festival, I borrowed a copy of the The Zuni Cafe Cookbook‘s Roast Chicken recipe. It’s worth the price of the book (I had to go buy it) and it’s a consistently awesome technique.

first try:
I roasted chicken! (by levanah)

second attempt:
Zuni chicken recipe (by levanah)

It think we’ve made it at least four times now, and I’m sure I have more photos, but you get the general idea. It’s really quite amazing. The bread salad that accompanies it is delicious, too. If you are planning to use this recipe, give yourself plenty of time and have a good glass of wine. The recipe is about 6 pages long, but once you’ve made your way through it, not only have you made a fantastic dinner, you’ve learned a few new skills.

I also learned how to make my oven clean itself. Priceless.

If you want to see a bunch of pictures from the last month or so, go here: project365 over on flickr

By levanah