We go camping

September 2, 2009

Rob and I went on our first camping trip together at Fremont Peak State Park down near San Juan Bautista in August. This is one of the parks slated for closure next week. It’s only about an hour and a half away, and it’s a tiny but beautiful park. It was a fun jaunt with good friends.

We arrived Friday night to find the park mostly empty. Our site was reasonably roomy, shaded, and conveniently close to a bathroom. When we finished setting up camp, I realized I’d forgotten the gin. We drove the eleven miles down the hill to the very nice market there and got us some provisions. When we got back, we found the rest of our friends all set up.

Saturday we hiked to the top of Fremont Peak. I took 83 photos (of questionable quality), with some commentary, all over in the photo set over at flickr: Lunarville Camping Trip August 2009

Rob on Fremont Peak (by levanah)

Actually, I think we hiked on every trail at the park on Saturday (I mentioned it was a small park).

Fremont Peak is above the marine layer, so it’s quite high, and the marine layer absorbs the light from the cities, so you have an excellent view of the stars. On Saturday nights without a full moon during the summer they have an amateur astronomy program that does a presentation and maintains a thirty inch telescope for the public! I had one of Gern’s neat-o laser pointers which I let one of the guys use, and he showed me how to find Scorpio and the Teapot. I’ve never been able to pick out constellations (other than the dippers and Orion) before!

big telescope (by levanah)

Sunday morning we packed up and headed home. I’m really looking forward to camping again. I hope there will be some parks open so that we can camp.

This completes 101in1001#39 Go Camping.

By levanah