Whisper’s new home

September 2, 2009

I decided to move Whisper back in June from the Paladin barn over the hill to the main Garrod area. I was getting too lonely over at the Paladin barn. First he was in stall on the east side of the Powder River Barn, which I liked well enough.

Whisper in his new home (by levanah)

The Powder River stalls and paddocks are 240 square feet. His old home was only 144 square feet. This stall had a great tack box, and a wooden floor. But it faced east, so it was very hot in the afternoon.

More camerabag (by levanah)
(I used the iPhone Camerbag application for this photo)

The stall almost directly behind his came open, so I’ve moved him over there to the west side. He has the same buddies, it’s cooler in the summer (and it’s going to be warmer in the winter because it’s built better), and it has a more private tack box. Thank goodness Pedro was willing to move my mats around *again*.

Here’s the new tack box:
new tack box (by levanah)

Each time I moved, I was forced to clean out the tack box, which puts me at 3 of 5 cleanings for 101in1001#86 clean out tack box.

Another benefit to the new barn is that I get to work with a instructor I’ve admired for a while who thinks I can achieve my goals of:
101in1001#6 ride a dressage test (preferably at a show)
101in1001#7 ride in a 3-Day event
And I bet she can help me with:
101in1001#9 ride a hunter pace

I’m pretty content with the move, and wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. Oh well, everything happens when it’s supposed to, right?

By levanah