someday I plan to sew. really.

September 4, 2009

emmeline apron (sew liberated) (by levanah)I’ve had a few things sitting on the back burner here, but as I reflect over the last two months, I see I’ve been pretty darn productive. Alas, these two projects are still languishing:

101in1001#1 sew a skirt
101in1001#5 sew the Emmaline apron

Let’s talk about Sew Liberated’s Emmeline Apron first. I think this was huge on the craft blogs…what, last year? I’m still jazzed to make it, I guess I’m better at collecting projects than I am at completing them. I did buy fabric for the project, a reversible apron that will hang in the kitchen when not in use. I’m just not convinced the green I bought for the trim is the exact color I wanted. I keep thinking about ordering Amy Butler’s Quilting Solids in Olive to “replace” the green, but I always seem to throw a few extra goodies into the order, then put off placing the order when I see how expensive it’s gotten. Below is a picture of the fabric.

emmaline fabric (by levanah)

deco vibe skirt (hotpatterns) (by levanah)Then there’s sewing a skirt. I want to sew the Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Flippy Skirt. I’ve been plotting to sew the Deco skirt for over a year, and I’ve collected a few different fabrics to make this or another skirt. I have at least five different skirt patterns, in addition to the Deco Vibe Flippy Skirt, laying around that could be turned into a skirt. I was going to make a simple A-Line skirt with at least one of the four fabrics I’ve collected for this project (pictured below). I guess the part that’s intimidating me is the muslin, or test-run, of the skirt. Or maybe it’s actually committing to cutting my pretty fabric. Maybe writing about it will be a baby step toward finishing these two projects. Maybe.

skirt fabric (by levanah)
Skirt Fabrics

By levanah