twenty-one miles

September 16, 2009

I have completed 101in1001#19 bike 20 miles! On Labor Day Sparky, Rob and I went out for a bike ride. We started at our house, met Sparky at his house, then rode South on Winchester until we went Right on hwy 9 in Los Gatos. The we took Quito Road all the way to Saratoga Road at the REI. Then a right turn and return to home on Saratoga Road. In all it was 21 miles!

I biked 21 miles! (by levanah)The route had two hills that I am very certain I would have said “I can’t do that!” to if I’d driven over them. The guys still had to stop and wait for me to catch up, but I made it! Normally I get tired on hills and decide I can walk faster than I’m peddling. I had my fancy Garmin 405 on, and it reassured me that I was doing about 7 miles an hour up the hills, which is much faster than I can walk. I also realized I could talk [to myself, the guys were far ahead] so I wasn’t all that winded. I was pretty damn pooped afterward, but it was very fun! (post-ride picture at right)

This week I got myself the Shimano WM60 shoes to go with my clipless pedals (and they happen to color coordinate with my bike). Rob held me up while I tested them out, and I only almost fell over once. Okay twice. I rode around the block a few times practicing unclipping when Rob randomly calling out “hazard!” and that went fine. I guess now I have to go out into the real world and try it. I’m tempted to wear my rollerblading knee and elbow pads the first time out.

By levanah